Board Members 2021-2022

Are you interested in coming up to the 8th district? We are always looking for energetic people who have ideas to make our district better.


Barbara Macias - This is my fourth year involved with PTA and my first year as a District President. I have three kids two girls and one boy. My goal for 8th District PTA during my term as President is to create a wonderful working relationship with all units and councils. I want our membership to know that we are here for them! Anything that you need, we are here!


This is my 8th year in PTA and my 5th year as an 8th District Board Member. I am very happy to be a part of PTA on a local, district and State Level. I am currently part of CAPTA assigned to Membership.


Savannah Padron-Gordon- This is my 4th year in PTA and 1st year with 8th district. I am currently involved in 2 schools PTA's. I am a mother of 3 with 2 in school. I am here because I want to be able to help all PTA's in our district the best I can.


Charlene Goodman- I have 3 wonderful Daughters and Over 20 years in PTA! I am involved in PTA because I love children and do anything for the children.

Reflections Chair

Mary To - I have been with PTA for 15 years and with 8th District PTA for 6 of those years. I have a son and a daughter who are now in college. I am still with PTA because I know that we can elevate every child's education. I am excited to be on Reflections this year as the program is close to my heart. It brings out such creativity and the kids never cease to amaze me.

Julie Whitehouse


Angel Beck

Fundraising Chair-


Savannah Padron-Gordon and Barbara Macias - We have worked together to create more than one website. It is a learning process each time that we build one, but it is always gratifying to see all our hard work on the Web. Do you need a website for your unit?? Reach out to us and we can work together to make that happen.