To be apart of PTA do you have to have a child at the school?

Who can be a check signer?

Should we be having both an Executive meeting and an Association meeting?

How long can a Member serve as an Executive Board Member?

Do you have to be a Member in order to run for an Elected Board Position?

Is the School and PTA one in the same?

What should I do if I have any issues or there is conflict between the PTA and School Staff or Administration?

We just had a fundraiser, now what?

Are there training's available to me as an Executive Board Member or Appointed Board Member?

Donations? Are we allowed to get them? How do I account for them?

Can I give prizes to Students at our School Site?

Can I give something to one grade but not the other?

When do the New Board Members (executive) take their office positions?

Can one PTA Board create a recurring contract with the school or a business?

What is the process to get business done within the PTA?