To be apart of PTA do you have to have a child at the school?

  • No, we welcome the entire community to come join our PTA's. You can even run for a board position if you wanted to.

Who can be a check signer?

  • The only people who can be check signers are the President and Treasures (although this may be different according to your Bylaws so check those) All checks must have two authorized signatures and the authorized signatures cannot be blood related, live in the same home, or married.

Should we be having both an Executive meeting and an Association meeting?

  • Absolutely, your Bylaws will stipulate when each meeting should be held. Please remember that you Executive meetings are confidential, what you discuss at your Executive meeting stays within your Board.

How long can a Member serve as an Executive Board Member?

  • A Board Position is able to be held by a Member consecutively for two years. That Member would still need to be elected both years. Once their second year is up in the same position, they are able to move to another board position.

Do you have to be a Member in order to run for an Elected Board Position?

  • Yes. You must be a member in good standing (all dues current) for a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the election.

Is the School and PTA one in the same?

  • The short answer is no. PTA is its own and separate entity and should act as such. ***Remember PTA answers to the IRS*** However, it is extremely important for your PTA to have a good working relationship with both the school administration and staff, as well as with the school district. ***Remember PTA's are allowed on school sites at the grace of the Administration and District***

What should I do if I have any issues or there is conflict between the PTA and School Staff or Administration?

  • First and foremost, schedule a meeting with your Principal. Most often what you may perceive as an issue or conflict is just a misunderstanding or miscommunication. Most often a simple meeting with the Administration at your school site should clear up any concerns that you may have. Should that not work, please feel free to contact us and see if we at the 8th District may be able to help, we are here for you.

We just had a fundraiser, now what?

  • Firstly, Great Job! Fundraisers can be stressful so YAY that you have reached the end of that line! Now. you need to look into giving back to your school. For each Fundraiser that you have, you MUST have three (3) givebacks. These can be movie nights, carnivals, dances, family engagement nights, assemblies, anything that gives back to the students. For example, one school site gave a math program, water bottles, and a mascot back to the school for one (1) Fundraiser that they did. ***Please be sure to create an end of action report that just summarizes your Fundraiser or Event that way your association can see an accurate report detailing expenses, revenue, and possibly donations.

Are there training's available to me as an Executive Board Member or Appointed Board Member?

  • Yes, the CAPTA (California State PTA) hosts an annual Convention that has many training options. If you are looking for something from 8th District, we will post and inform you as soon as we have something on the books. Please note that your PTA should budget for all training that are made available to you.

Donations? Are we allowed to get them? How do I account for them?

  • YES! Donations are allowed and can be used for any one of your events. Please ensure that when you pick up any items (noncash and cash value) that you submit to the Donee (company or individual) a Donation letter that has your letter head and tax-id number. In this letter there should be a spot where you can write down whatever the donation is. Give a signed copy to the Donee, and keep a signed copy for your end-of-action report. Attach all donation received letters to your report for association information. End-of-action report should go in your Treasurers Binder.

Can I give prizes to Students at our School Site?

  • No you cannot give prizes to students. This is not allowed per the IRS Rules regarding 501(c)3's. Gifts or Prizes can be donated, but not purchased with PTA funds.

Can I give something to one grade but not the other?

  • No, PTA is supposed to be equal across the board. PTA funds should be spent for the entire student body. For example, if only 5th grade goes on a field trip, then you should provide the other grades with something equal to the field trip like a fun assembly. EQUALITY across the board for your entire student body is key.

When do the New Board Members (executive) take their office positions?

  • New Board members start on July 01 of every year. New business cannot be done with the New Board until July, 01. YOU CAN HOWEVER, get together and brainstorm what you may want to do for your fiscal year.

Can one PTA Board create a recurring contract with the school or a business?

  • No, a current board cannot encumber a future board. Each board and association will need to meet and vote on any business that the PTA does. For example: The PTA has always done this for the school, or the PTA always pays to renew this program! That is not true. The new Association will need to vote to renew any programs (if they have annual costs). Just because the PTA has done it in the past, does not mean the current board or association will continue to do it.

What is the process to get business done within the PTA?

  • Your Executive Board needs to get together and make a tentative calendar for the year with preliminary plans. The Board should then present that calendar to your association and the association will then vote to confirm or deny the preliminary plans.